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Why landscapers love the Stihl HS 82T power shears

I love it when I get to test out new machines in the field because I get to handle something new and I get to form my own opinions. Testing the Stihl HS 82T power shears was one such joyous occasion. All I knew was that this set had more power and therefore higher blade RPMs. I’m not a shop mechanic but more power always sounds good.


According to Stihl’s website, the “T” in HS 82T stands for “precision sculpting and trimming” so these shears are perfect for shearing something like boxwood (Buxus sempervirens). Personally, I would suggest using the “R” models for rougher projects like laurel shearing where your blades are more likely to encounter woody branches.

Because boxwood has finer foliage so I ran the new, sharp blades over the hedge without rushing. Always let the blades do the work for you.

The finished boxwood hedge is pictured below and I’m happy with the final product. After raking and clean-up blow the owners of this unit were ecstatic.


All done! The shears passed the test.



You can stop by Foreshore Equipment to get a full sales demonstration but I’d like to point out the key features here, briefly.

The Stihl HS 82T power shears are gas-powered and Stihl promises 20% better fuel-efficiency which should make every landscape professional smile. I love the low-vibration technology because it really feels like the unit is “floating” in your hands which reduces operator fatigue. You can also consider buying anti-vibration gloves just in case. I felt fine after six hours of shearing; I didn’t really notice the weight of the unit.

Always use professional eye and ear protection while you work.

The shears started well and it was a pleasure running brand new, sharp blades over my boxwood. Always use sharp blades to achieve best results with precision pruning.



My field test of the HS 82T power shears from Stihl was extremely successful. I was happy with the look of my boxwood hedge and the unit performed well. I believe all landscapers and gardeners will benefit from having this nice set for precision sculpting and trimming work.

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