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Self-propelled dream

Lately I’ve been hanging out on Quora.com where visitors can ask any question they want and when they find an answer they like, they up-vote it to make the writer rank higher. As a top ten writer in landscaping, as of last week, I get to answer a lot of questions and many of them are about mowers. Feel free to follow me.

Sample question

A posted question might read: what’s the best mower to buy? Well, that depends on your lawn size, budget and situation. Is it a small patch or a large residential lawn? Are you setting up a new side-gig business or buying a present for your grandpa who suffers from arthritis? Your intended use will determine the right mower model.

All this was in my head when I arrived on site to fill in for a vacationing foreman. Since my mowing section included a large, sloping field, I jumped on a commercial Honda self-propelled mower.




These mowers have extra cables and parts because they don’t require that much pushing; they are self-propelled which means they are also heavier and thus harder to maneuver in tight spaces.

I had to fight the mower in tight spots but once we emerged onto the large sloping field I could feel the mower was designed for these open flat lawns. It was a pleasure cutting this field as the machine pulled me up the hill in almost 30 degree heat.

Satisfied with my laser lines, I picked up my tarp and moved on.


Because the lawn edges drop off sharply using a ride-on mower would be dangerous.



Yes, you can request an answer from me on Quora.com but even better is stopping by one of the two Foreshore Equipment and Supply locations. Ask the sales people and the mechanics what an appropriate mower model would be for your situation and budget. They will be glad to help you!


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