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Lessons from landscape cowboys

Used with permission.

What’s wrong here? 

The Facebook post with this picture asked if the worker should be fired but it wasn’t clear if the photo was staged for fun or serious. If it was staged we can laugh it off and move on but if it wasn’t we can draw several lessons from it.


I get paid well to train workers in my day job as landscape supervisor. Firing workers is an expensive, last resort activity. I prefer training and what I’ve found is that many workers actually appreciate it when you invest time in their training.

Line edging requires proper personal protection equipment (PPE). When operating machines ear and eye protection is mandatory. The worker has eye wear but it’s not clear if it’s industrial issue eye protection. Because I wear prescription glasses I have to use Stihl’s plastic goggles. I don’t get many dates but at least my glasses fit into them nicely.

I don’t see any ear protection like a full head set or ear plugs.

Since line edgers tend to pick up stones and other debris, long pants are strongly recommended. Cheating with shorts during summer heat waves is common. Wear log pants to avoid losing blood.

Crocs are definitely out. All landscapers should wear steel-toe footwear. I personally prefer Stihl’s Lawngrip boots designed specifically for landscape professionals but any steel toe boot will do.

Anti-vibration gloves are optional.

Smoking is a definite no no. WCB regulations in British Columbia prohibit smoking in the workplace unless it’s done at a designated spot. Smoking while line edging is a bad habit. It looks bad in front of clients and pollutes the site for co-workers. It’s up to business owners to ensure their workers are safe.

Get some PPE

Foreshore Equipment and Supply sells good quality PPE for professionals and home owners so you don’t have to risk injury while you work.

My Stihl Lawngrip boots get abused in the field and I usually go through two pairs in one season. The bonus is that they are designed for landscape professionals and the price is competitive with other work boots.

I also buy cheap carpenter pants from Wal-Mart and I have my own head sets.

Stop by Foreshore and we’ll get you what you need.




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