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Chainsaw therapy

In my nightmares, the chain on my chainsaw screams as it comes off the bar and wraps itself around my hand or it flies right off and tests my face shield. Then I wake up and realize everything is fine. I’m still Landscape Industry and ISA certified.

CLT test

Now, the more I use chainsaws, the less fear I experience. It makes sense. I still remember every detail of my landscape industry certified chainsaw station test. The burly examiner with a German accent picked-up on my fear and asked me if I wanted to walk away. Not likely. Never.

So I put on every piece of protection provided and correctly and safely got the chainsaw running. I just didn’t have anything to cut. It was my job to get the log into position. Luckily this wasn’t a point deduction and I passed the station.

But the fear remained until I discovered chainsaw therapy.

Chainsaw therapy

This is how I conquered my nightmares: I personally put on a brand new chain! That’s it. Sure it took a few minutes. I had to consult the chain handout but it was on, it was a new chain and I alone was responsible for the correct tension on the bar.

Once I started taking down smaller dead birches I was in a zone, completely focused on my work. That’s how I like it.

Beginner tips

If you’re unsure about putting a new chain on your chainsaw, come down to Foreshore and get help. Below are tips from my experience. I suggest talking to a Foreshore mechanic if you’re new to chainsaws.

First, loosen the bolt. Close by the bolt you should see one more opening which is where you adjust the chain tension.


One tool and one bolt. The little opening to the right of the tool is for tension adjustment.


Remove the big bolt, take the cover off and the bar slides out away from the engine. Note how the old chain is positioned on the bar. Make sure the new chain is put on the same way, otherwise the chainsaw won’t cut anything. Trust me, I’ve done it before.

Once the new chain is on, correctly, adjust the tension so it stays on and put the cover and bolt back. Now adjust the tension again to where you want it. It shouldn’t be too tight; too loose will also lead to problems. So experiment and ask around. You should be able to lift the chain off the bar a little it with your fingers.


This is where you adjust the tension.


Don’t forget to add gas and bar oil and always use proper protection.

Most tree work can be done with a hand saw but there’s no need to be afraid of chainsaws. So get to know them, practice and learn how to change the chain. It’s good therapy.

Come to Foreshore Equipment if you need a new chainsaw or a new chain.


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