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The best time to use a handheld blower

Backpack blowers rule in daily landscape maintenance operations mainly because they are packed away on your back and they have lots of power. I normally associate handheld blowers with small landscape operations or home owners. But as I found out last week, handheld blowers can also be used by professional landscapers on smaller jobs.   […]

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Chainsaw therapy

In my nightmares, the chain on my chainsaw screams as it comes off the bar and wraps itself around my hand or it flies right off and tests my face shield. Then I wake up and realize everything is fine. I’m still Landscape Industry and ISA certified. CLT test Now, the more I use chainsaws, […]

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Are you still holding on to your antiques?

My kids and I love visiting my sister’s ranch outside Kamloops. The drive is very scenic and much faster now that we no longer have to stop for diaper changes. The ranch is very quiet and the sunsets are spectacular. The kids quickly turn the place into a playground because my sister’s outdoor riding rink […]

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Self-propelled dream

Lately I’ve been hanging out on Quora.com where visitors can ask any question they want and when they find an answer they like, they up-vote it to make the writer rank higher. As a top ten writer in landscaping, as of last week, I get to answer a lot of questions and many of them […]

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Always mow with care

While listening to Penelope Lively’s audiobook “Life in the garden“, I came across a fantastic poem by Philip Larkin (1922-1985)¬†called “The mower”. It’s well worth reading because it contains several lessons.   The Mower The mower stalled, twice; kneeling, I found A hedgehog jammed up against the blades, Killed. It had been in the long […]

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Why landscapers love the Stihl HS 82T power shears

I love it when I get to test out new machines in the field because I get to handle something new and I get to form my own opinions. Testing the Stihl HS 82T power shears was one such joyous occasion. All I knew was that this set had more power and therefore higher blade […]

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