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landscape maintenance

Easy commercial fix

I love landscape maintenance without prejudice which means covering 100% of a site and not discriminating between areas. So that’s why I enjoyed working on a forgotten piece of a commercial building this summer. Shockingly, this corner is visible from the entrance. This sort of view is hardly inspiring for the workers who populate the […]

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Can you handle a full rolling pin day?

Can you handle a full day with a rolling pin? I still remember, years ago, wondering what the light rolling pin was for. Then I got the required training. If you wonder the same thing, read on.     The rolling pin is used in the landscape to press down fluffy soil so we can […]

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Self-propelled dream

Lately I’ve been hanging out on Quora.com where visitors can ask any question they want and when they find an answer they like, they up-vote it to make the writer rank higher. As a top ten writer in landscaping, as of last week, I get to answer a lot of questions and many of them […]

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