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Can you handle a full rolling pin day?

Can you handle a full day with a rolling pin? I still remember, years ago, wondering what the light rolling pin was for. Then I got the required training. If you wonder the same thing, read on.


My tools for the day: rolling pin, rake and water bottle.


The rolling pin is used in the landscape to press down fluffy soil so we can proceed with  installs like new sod. The project I worked on would use hydro-seeding which is cheaper but the idea is the same. Compact the soil.

And the rolling pin? Well, it didn’t stay light for long. It got filled with water and then it was up to me to roll it. Back and forth.


Unscrew the lid.


Find the nearest hose.


And start rolling!


Actually, it wasn’t just a matter of rolling the soil. The soil had to be tapered to the hard curb and sidewalk edges. This required lots stomping and soil raking so the edges would stay hard and not settle too much. This is where my recent weight gain came in handy; and also my Stihl lawn gripper boots for landscape professionals.

Before the project, there was a huge ankle-busting drop from the sidewalk edge and the strata council wanted this corrected.

Phase 2

Phase 2 of this project will involve hydro-seeding which is less labor-intensive than sod installation. It looks like a spray of green gunk but it works really well. I find reading hydro-seeding websites quite entertaining because they make sod install sound almost dangerous.

Since your sod comes from a farm with different soil conditions it may not “take” in your landscape and installation requires many hours of labor. And there may also be gaps between sod pieces, etc.

Considering the size of this project, only hydro-seeding made sense.


When it’s all over for the day, we unplug the rolling pin.


Let the rolling pin drain while you perform your courtesy clean-up blow.

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